Definition of solopreneur in English:



  • A person who sets up and runs a business on their own.

    ‘being a solopreneur has forced me to learn how to handle all aspects of business’
    • ‘A medium-sized business (or publication) is a better prospect for a writer than a solopreneur.’
    • ‘Not every solopreneur considers his or her work style permanent.’
    • ‘Getting paid and keeping track of your time are two very important needs for every solopreneur.’
    • ‘No more paychecks, no more bonuses, and being a somewhat isolated solopreneur was not easy.’
    • ‘An entrepreneur works hard to build his business but he isn't quite as attached to the concept as a solopreneur.’
    • ‘Jessica has spent her legal career representing all types of businesses from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.’
    • ‘With the exception of solopreneurs, small businesses are run by more than just the boss.’
    • ‘By 2020, 60 million of these solopreneurs will form the backbone of our national economy.’
    • ‘I think there is a lot of pressure on small business and solopreneurs to be constantly awesome.’
    • ‘If you're a solopreneur, take a look at what you charge for your services and products and give yourself a raise.’



/ˌsōlōprəˈnər/ /ˌsoʊloʊprəˈnər/


1990s blend of solo and entrepreneur.