Definition of solstitial in English:



See solstice

‘The Druids, whose Stonehenge temples can be seen in England, regarded mistletoe with reverence and used to burn it in sacrifice during the solstitial festivities.’
  • ‘In Egypt generally, the solstitial worship followed that of the May and equinoctial years.’
  • ‘The solstitial colure is a great circle which passes through the celestial poles and these two solstitial points.’
  • ‘The architecture of the temple of Janus was determined by the solstitial rectangle of the construction place, associated with the sunrise and sunset at summer and winter solstices.’
  • ‘Geomagnetic activity usually reaches its minimum during the solstitial months of June and December and a maximum around March and September.’



/sälˈstiSHəl/ /sɑlˈstɪʃəl/ /sōlˈstiSHəl/ /soʊlˈstɪʃəl/