Definition of something speaks for itself in English:

something speaks for itself


  • Something's implications are so clear that it needs no supporting evidence or comments.

    ‘the figures speak for themselves’
    • ‘Well, I'm waiting to hear what else the defense puts up, but right now, the evidence speaks for itself.’
    • ‘The irrefutable evidence of unprecedented horrors speaks for itself after more than half a century.’
    • ‘The evidence of the visitations speaks for itself.’
    • ‘He's a guy who never gives up, who is always looking to improve and his record speaks for itself.’
    • ‘He was a very fair man, he was a kind gentleman - and his record speaks for itself.’
    • ‘I believe your work speaks for itself and needs no defending.’
    • ‘You take the reins in social situations, and your personality speaks for itself.’
    • ‘By any stretch of the imagination they have done us proud and their record speaks for itself.’
    • ‘Often our city speaks for itself through its unique historic past, but we mustn't be complacent.’
    • ‘I think my performance at York over the last three years speaks for itself.’