Definition of sommelier in English:



  • A wine steward.

    ‘Uniform extinguishes individuality, a man becomes a waiter, a sommelier, a maitre d' hotel.’
    • ‘Never mind that the vast majority of vintners and tasters and sommeliers are men.’
    • ‘The suave sommeliers (one of whom is Irish) will recommend exciting wines to match.’
    • ‘It paired perfectly with the sauternes suggested by the sommelier.’
    • ‘Maybe it is the artisan I would rather not have to think about while the junior sommelier pours me champagne selected from an ice urn big enough for two small children to drown in.’
    server, waitress, stewardess, steward, attendant



/ˌsəməlˈyā/ /ˌsəməlˈjeɪ/


Early 19th century French, literally ‘butler’.