Definition of song form in English:

song form


  • A form used in the composition of a song, in particular a simple melody and accompaniment or a three-part work in which the third part is a repetition of the first.

    ‘The song form provides the few simple rules that provide an identity for the music and a direction for the musicians, but they are general enough to allow for infinite variety as the musicians create together.’
    • ‘Nocturama's ten songs are mostly ballads, a song form Cave has a proven mastery of, and yet all but one of those ballads is wholly ineffective.’
    • ‘In song form, ‘Highway Patrolman’ is a pop-simple retelling of Cain and Abel in a brother-against-brother make-it-to-the-border chase.’
    • ‘I still value the song form as something that is pretty malleable.’
    • ‘By the mid-1890s, such rhythms were being applied to both the standard form of the march and to the song form.’


song form

/sôNG fô(ə)rm/ /sɔŋ fɔ(ə)rm/