Definition of song sparrow in English:

song sparrow


  • A North American bird related to the buntings, having streaky brown and gray plumage and noted for its constant and characteristic song.

    Melospiza melodia, family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizinae)

    ‘He describes flight behavior, feathers, and other detailed characteristics of birds such as the song sparrow, shown here.’
    • ‘Our most common year-around sparrow is the song sparrow.’
    • ‘The thistle feeder is dominated by goldfinches, although an occasional house finch or song sparrow sneaks a snack.’
    • ‘Many birds, like the song sparrow that is a common casualty in Chicago, are nocturnal migrants, meaning they travel at night.’
    • ‘Now, the song sparrow is a very elusive creature, and it rarely lets you get closer than 25 or 30 feet away from it.’


song sparrow

/ˈsôNG ˌsperō/ /ˈsɔŋ ˌspɛroʊ/ /ˈsäNG ˌsperō/ /ˈsɑŋ ˌspɛroʊ/