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  • 1A bird with a musical song.

    ‘Only a few shorebirds linger now, and our songbirds are rapidly deserting us for more productive feeding areas to the south.’
    • ‘Pygmy Nuthatches are one of only a few cooperatively breeding songbirds in North America.’
    • ‘Human beings suffered terribly, as did songbird populations, old-growth forests, fur seal colonies, and fragile watersheds.’
    • ‘For example, weather during the breeding season and storm frequency during migration might be related to the same climatic factors, both of which could affect songbird numbers.’
    • ‘A recent study of a North American songbird, the Red-eyed Vireo, provides some support for this hypothesis.’
    • ‘In Chapter 1, the author introduces the robin as America's most well-known songbird: ‘It is as American as apple pie, baseball, and the Stars and Stripes.’’
    • ‘We examined nest-patch vegetation of the Golden - cheeked Warbler, a federally endangered migratory songbird.’
    • ‘These tours are the best opportunity to view this endangered songbird, since Kirtland's warbler nesting areas in northern Michigan are closed and posted against public entry during the nesting season.’
    • ‘Take the case of the coastal California gnatcatcher, a diminutive, grayish blue songbird with a home range limited to coastal southern California and northwestern Baja California, Mexico.’
    • ‘The Black-capped Chickadee, a resident cavity-nesting songbird, is known to breed in fragmented and otherwise disturbed habitats.’
    • ‘Our results demonstrate that our model area-sensitive songbird, the Eastern Yellow Robin, experienced relative food shortage in the breeding season in small vs. large fragments.’
    • ‘Parallels between human and songbird phonological development have led to the use of songbirds as a model for speech development in humans.’
    • ‘Cowbird removals are used in management of several endangered species of songbird.’
    • ‘Suddenly, one lonely songbird pierced the wall of silence with a stunning serenade.’
    • ‘At first glance, you might wonder why any forest songbird should be in jeopardy.’
    • ‘Then, just as I made out the outline of a small brown songbird, the whole flock took to the air again and disappeared over a rise.’
    • ‘The other black songbird I had not seen well until this afternoon.’
    • ‘Anything to avoid another night listening to Jennifer's account of how she catalogued every songbird in Ambridge on the website that day.’
    • ‘A species of territorial songbird colonizes a vacant region to which there is no further immigration.’
    • ‘These results provide experimental confirmation that conspecific attraction occurs in at least one territorial songbird.’
  • 2Ornithology
    A perching bird of an advanced group distinguished by having the muscles of the syrinx attached to the bronchial semirings; an oscine passerine.

    Suborder Oscines, order Passeriformes; in Europe ‘songbird’ is effectively synonymous with ‘passerine’ or ‘perching bird.’

    ‘Passeriformes is divided into two suborders; most of these birds are Passerii, oscine songbirds.’
    • ‘But the physical part of the syrinx in small songbirds is kind of similar from one bird to the next.’
    • ‘Because of their complex songs and specialized neural pathways for learning them, songbirds, or oscines, have been favored subjects of study among scientists.’
    • ‘In such trees the oscine songbirds were separated from suboscines, and they are usually the first avian branch (although the rest of the tree was virtually unchanged).’
    • ‘All extant European songbirds belong to the oscines, which are assumed to have arisen on the Australian continental plate.’
  • 3 informal A female singer.

    • ‘the title track is the kind of tune any Nashville songbird could do’
    • ‘Music is the bridge between the old Italian saloon singer and the barefoot Canadian songbird.’
    • ‘For those who just walked into this movie, Jolie Holland is a San Francisco-based alt-country songbird who quietly burst on the scene with the chimerical field recording of 2003's Catalpa.’
    • ‘It was not until a certain jet-black-haired songbird had the courage to step forward and let the world know she suffered from this debilitating affliction that I knew I too could stand tall, gassy burning throat and all.’
    • ‘Well, the ex- ‘American Idol’ contestant almost went from songbird to jailbird.’
    • ‘And Colombian songbird Shakira is out with a new video.’
    • ‘I am a new York secretary by day, sexy songbird by night.’
    • ‘But, rather than mope, the plucky Canadian songbird decided to make the most of it.’
    • ‘I could also kick myself for not getting to NHK Hall for the concert by super songbird Sarah Brightman.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Thom Yorke, the thinking woman's songbird of choice, joins her on This Mess We're In, an affecting duet which could be Bends-era Radiohead and which Harvey wrote especially for him.’
    • ‘Then there was the time that I just happened to catch Ken rushing to the Las Vegas airport in the wee hours of the morning after tending to the spectacular backstage strands of songbird Celine Dion.’
    • ‘American Idol songbird Kimberley Locke takes the stage at 1 a.m. today, followed by Deborah Cox at 1 a.m.’
    • ‘The many Listowel fans of songbird Peggy Sweeney will be delighted to know that she has just released a new CD for the New Year.’
    • ‘And Zambian music fans have shown just how popular the songbird Angela Nyirenda has continued to be.’
    • ‘In the late '60s, Sparro had been a folky four-octave songbird with a cult following, not that any of his albums ever charted.’
    • ‘On Saturday night Mark, Paul, Simon and I went to see songbird Martina Topley-Bird at the Carling Islington Academy.’
    • ‘Good luck to Celine Dion, who is putting down her microphone to try to have a little Canadian songbird of her own.’
    • ‘Bolton Hospice Lottery is officially launched by Bolton songbird Hannah Morris, and a very special grandmother.’
    • ‘Move over Brit-pop, and bring on another depressive songbird accompanied by an acoustic guitar.’
    • ‘Based in Austin, Texas, this songbird spent years in obscurity before this debut.’
    • ‘So Foster's got this vaguely martyr-like songbird persona she's working, and sometimes the devious witch bit sticks out too, as on ‘Crackerjack Fool’.’



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