Definition of songsmith in English:



  • A person who writes popular songs.

    • ‘He assesses the development of major record companies and pop songwriting from the Tin Pan Alley songsmiths to rap, reggae, and rock composers and noisemakers.’
    • ‘Overall, the disc's a triumph - it's a showcase of trophies and well-loved tracks written and performed by a strange crew of accomplished songsmiths.’
    • ‘They are all very talented musicians as well as songsmiths and pulled the songs off almost effortlessly.’
    • ‘Like most teenage songsmiths the songs were about imagined or unrequited love.’
    • ‘Scot songsmith Colin MacIntyre makes bold music about humbling experiences.’
    • ‘It's hard to imagine like-minded orchestral songsmiths Elliott Smith or Eric Matthews indulging themselves in the palpable sense of fun here without resorting to insufferable preciousness.’
    • ‘When not indulging in childish grossout humor or overstuffing their tracks with studio gimmickry, The Faint still prove powerful songsmiths.’
    • ‘There's none of that whiny abstract angst that the vast majority of post-Dylan songsmiths succumb to.’
    • ‘A great songsmith and a careful performer, despite what he would have us all believe, Gough is not an interesting stadium prospect, especially when the set is 40 minutes long.’
    • ‘Her skill as both a storyteller and a songsmith suggests an aversion to short-cuts and the easy way out.’
    • ‘Gabriel remains a songsmith who speaks from the heart and never fails to move.’
    • ‘There was no room for the ambrosial tenderness of crooners and songsmiths that night.’
    • ‘Both singers delivered live versions of the song ‘All This Time’, written by Westlife songsmith Steve Mack, which McManus will now go on to release as a single.’
    • ‘Tunesmith and songsmith aren't entirely parallel compounds, since in them the first element denotes the thing crafted rather than the material from which it is crafted.’
    • ‘Where other songsmiths were personally flamboyant, he was fastidious, carefully barbered, turned out in the best suits he could afford.’
    • ‘The only way to end this torture is either to suspend the singles chart over Christmas or ban songsmiths from making any reference to the day in question.’
    • ‘The former songsmith says that putting the book together required ‘a kind of writing I'd never done before… you can only write that ‘the birds perched’ so many times.’
    • ‘Another American, Pittsburgh-born, entered music in a more practical fashion, the first American to set himself up as a professional songsmith.’
    • ‘Another part is the cleverness of the songsmith himself.’
    • ‘George might have been happy to remain a jobbing songsmith and comic, but Beryl decided to make him a star.’



/ˈsôNGˌsmiTH/ /ˈsɔŋˌsmɪθ/