Definition of sonography in English:



mass noun
  • 1The analysis of sound using an instrument which produces a graphical representation of its component frequencies.

    ‘I then inputted the vocalizations into a Macintosh computer and produced sonograms using the sound analysis computer program Canary 1.2.’
  • 2

    another term for ultrasonography

    • ‘Recent studies using Doppler sonography and near infrared spectroscopy have shown increased perfusion of the middle cerebral artery in patients with chronic cerebrovascular disease given a single infusion of vinpocetine.’
    • ‘Brain scans using Doppler sonography, conducted in 1999 in Germany at the University of Munster and the University of Dortmund, found that when non-musicians listened to music, the blood flow to the right hemisphere increased.’
    • ‘In colour flow sonography, pulsed Doppler signals are used to produce the images.’
    • ‘After sonography my condition was diagnosed as ‘choroidal haemangioma’.’
    • ‘It should be supplemented with trans-vaginal sonography and a recto-vaginal pelvic exam all done at the same time.’