Definition of sool in English:



[with object]
  • 1Australian, New Zealand (of a dog) attack or worry (an animal)

    ‘a pair of these birds will sometimes sool a hare’
    • ‘They saw one of our cats sunning herself on the front fence, and thought it would be funny to sool the dog onto the cat.’
    1. 1.1Urge or goad (someone) into doing something.
      ‘you're always trying to sool me into thinking this or that’
      • ‘I do not think Justice Barrett is going to proceed in the light of these orders, even if Mr Gageler is sooling him on.’
      • ‘Such people, the powerless, are easy prey, for those who stalk the political landscape, searching for scapegoats onto whom the angry and disenfranchised, whether socially or economically, can be sooled, as we say where I come from.’


Late 19th century variant of dialect sowl ‘seize by the ears’, of unknown origin.