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  • A fallacious argument, especially one used deliberately to deceive.

    ‘And style, said Flaubert, is a very manner of seeing things, adding that distinctions between thought and style are a sophism.’
    • ‘Thus, even since brute force has been held in check, the sophism has been not merely a species of evil, but the very essence of evil.’
    • ‘This year, in shame, the relevant secretary of the Assembly has decided to reduce the scope of the fest and has given reasons which can only be described as sophism.’
    • ‘This cannot but be sheer sophism of a militarist fanatic and an unpardonable mockery of the Koreans.’
    • ‘They regarded this view of science as unsatisfactory, incomplete, or just another form of sophism.’
    misconception, mistaken belief, misbelief, delusion, false notion, mistaken impression, misapprehension, misjudgement, miscalculation, misinterpretation, misconstruction, error, mistake, untruth, inconsistency, illusion, myth, fantasy, deceit, deception, sophism



/ˈsäfˌizəm/ /ˈsɑfˌɪzəm/


Late Middle English from Old French sophime, via Latin from Greek sophisma ‘clever device’, from sophizesthai ‘become wise’ (see sophist).