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  • 1Having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

    ‘a chic, sophisticated woman’
    • ‘a young man with sophisticated tastes’
    • ‘They hadn't gone to college, and they saw Father Mark as a repository of knowledge and culture and sophisticated humor.’
    • ‘In Memphis, he has an experience that makes him realize that he is not as sophisticated or worldly as he thought: he meets a boy by chance on the road, and they come upon a jug of bootleg alcohol.’
    • ‘Readers of this blog are, by definition, sophisticated and worldly-wise individuals who know full well that major film studios do not read unsolicited screenplays.’
    • ‘They remind us of a time when our culture was sophisticated and full of elegance and beauty.’
    • ‘Without doubt, the foods of the world, to be found in Canada's larger cities, had a great hand in creating the modern Canadian - in the main, sophisticated and worldly.’
    • ‘Rich, worldly and sophisticated, he could have been the ideal husband for Gwendolen but feels compelled to crush her independent spirit and mould her into his perfect wife.’
    • ‘Think rumpled imprecision when it comes to fall's best-tressed heads; the look juxtaposes well with the season's more sophisticated fashions.’
    • ‘During the last century, Finland has reinvented itself as a highly sophisticated, socially urbane culture with the highest aspirations for design and for architecture.’
    • ‘Famous for both Oktoberfest and a sophisticated cultural scene, Munich considers itself a ‘Metropolis with a Heart.’’
    • ‘Civilizations ranging from the Canaanite to the Ottoman, have left their mark on an ever-growing, culturally rich and sophisticated city.’
    • ‘The party only exists in Allen's brain, as a memory or perhaps a fantasy, a crowd of cultured, moneyed, sophisticated, liberal-minded New Yorkers.’
    • ‘He probably learned more of the sophisticated high culture from listening to the public addresses of lawyers and ministers, especially the better sort.’
    • ‘That said, this is a very French affair - sophisticated, culturally eclectic, and exceptionally high-tech.’
    • ‘Even though they weren't the most sophisticated culture, or the most refined compared to, say, the Maya, the Aztecs were highly expressive.’
    • ‘He's the opposite of the sophisticated, cultured, world-weary foreign correspondent.’
    • ‘They seem unable to resist the temptation to express contempt and hostility for those less sophisticated and cultured than themselves.’
    • ‘Well, Los Angeles has always had a very sophisticated literary culture in relation to films and fiction.’
    • ‘Mexico possesses an extensive and sophisticated culinary culture, with a great variety of regional dishes.’
    • ‘We often will find the most sophisticated cultures being the most brutal.’
    • ‘His friends were Westerners for the most part, and though he was a sophisticated man and an artist with a broad range of interests, he was in many respects a regionalist, in the finest sense of that word.’
    worldly, worldly-wise, experienced, enlightened, cosmopolitan, knowledgeable
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    1. 1.1Appealing to people with worldly knowledge or experience.
      ‘a sophisticated restaurant’
      • ‘But most of all, people come here to eat. springing up on every corner are sophisticated restaurants serving exquisite food.’
      • ‘The low-ad loading and sophisticated playlist were hugely appealing, but it just wasn't a great money-spinner.’
      • ‘His philosophy is a simple, yet sophisticated restaurant with no clutter - somewhere to enjoy his food at a reasonable price.’
      • ‘On Sunday night, we dined at Ballarat's most sophisticated and exotic restaurant featuring a gorilla.’
      • ‘Today we see it on the menu of some fairly sophisticated restaurants.’
      • ‘Their many restaurants are sophisticated and serve dishes rivalling the best to be found in Europe.’
      • ‘But the local people loved the restaurant for it's sophisticated atmosphere, and elegant service.’
      • ‘And now the combination of fresh local produce and award-winning wine is drawing top chefs to the area's increasingly sophisticated restaurants.’
      • ‘I am sure that your honour will readily agree with me that the Nehru-collar suit is an elegant, sophisticated and dignified attire.’
      • ‘With his beautiful and sophisticated music, Diallo is a purveyor of West African heritage, but also makes use of the latest advances in technology to appeal equally to the head, the heart and the feet.’
      • ‘The local choir was joined by the Moy Singers of Ballina and Phil Landers had excelled herself with sophisticated and tasteful floral displays in the church.’
      • ‘Tastes was a multi-cultural restaurant, very sophisticated and yet casual at the same time.’
      • ‘Try combining different shapes and colors of tableware; assembled with restraint, an assortment can look beautiful and sophisticated.’
      • ‘This was an eveningwear line that was beautiful and sophisticated, a more grown-up version of the ready-to-wear collection.’
      • ‘The flats were regarded as sophisticated, even luxurious, and all for the reasonable rent of between £68 and £130 per year.’
      • ‘Conroy's rugs are not just luxurious, sophisticated accessories that bring style and warmth to the home, they're also truly unique.’
      • ‘Lovely, sophisticated dishes like this are a given at Aleutia.’
      • ‘The film is a sophisticated and æsthetically beautiful horror film.’
      • ‘This cover is sophisticated, with a gracefully limited color palette and simple fonts.’
  • 2(of a machine, system, or technique) developed to a high degree of complexity.

    ‘highly sophisticated computer systems’
    • ‘There would also be a vital need to control access to computer systems that were being used to develop sophisticated machines.’
    • ‘It's a new departure for politics in this country as political parties adopt the sophisticated marketing techniques of advertising to sell their brands to the widest possible audience.’
    • ‘In Edinburgh we had a sophisticated marketing system to work out who the audience was.’
    • ‘The Apache Longbow possesses a sophisticated navigation system that obtains a position confidence of less than 14 meters.’
    • ‘A future hope is that a more sophisticated classification system of the vocabulary of wine can match the knowledge of its drinkers.’
    • ‘The Incas were an advanced people who built fine cities and developed sophisticated farming methods.’
    • ‘Typically such offerings have included server engines, storage systems and sophisticated management tools to allocate and de-allocate resources in response to varying user demand.’
    • ‘How can you know what a sophisticated machine, or computer, is doing with the all the information, including votes, that's fed in?’
    • ‘Although nonhuman animals can develop highly sophisticated systems of social security, this isn't always the case.’
    • ‘At that time, genetic engineering techniques were not sophisticated enough to develop something substantial.’
    • ‘Big Indian vendors are overcoming this barrier through increasingly sophisticated marketing techniques.’
    • ‘They then use sophisticated marketing techniques and software programs to target those voters.’
    • ‘Corporations are now using more sophisticated marketing techniques to grab a child's attention and hold it, often for years.’
    • ‘The researchers are developing sophisticated systems to make this possible.’
    • ‘South Africa, with its developed manufacturing base, sophisticated infrastructure and large work force, is already favoured by the transnationals.’
    • ‘Indians had to labor hard for their food, and consequently they developed sophisticated systems of collection and cultivation.’
    • ‘Time is not external to us, something we can use more efficiently through sophisticated techniques of time management.’
    • ‘They practiced sophisticated techniques of construction that included stone-masonry.’
    • ‘The most sophisticated computer system will not lead to better care, unless caregivers are willing to act on the information.’
    • ‘Neurosurgeons still use this principle of decreasing the pressure within the skull by practising more sophisticated techniques.’
    advanced, highly developed, innovatory, trailblazing, revolutionary
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    1. 2.1(of a person or their thoughts, reactions, and understanding) aware of and able to interpret complex issues; subtle.
      ‘discussion and reflection are necessary for a sophisticated response to a text’
      • ‘In this sense, it suggested a sophisticated enemy, well aware of how modern wars are fought.’
      • ‘Senior citizens are among the most sophisticated people on this issue because they pay for drugs out of pocket.’
      • ‘But Goloku's teachings also carried a more subtle and sophisticated thought, under the simple morality of the precept.’
      • ‘Recent scholarship presents a much more subtle and sophisticated understanding of seventeenth-century mechanism.’
      • ‘Over the years I've come to the hard conclusion that even sophisticated people don't understand small risks.’
      • ‘Any complex, sophisticated thinker is unlikely to fit neatly into a single type, yet the types can still be helpful in mapping the field.’
      • ‘Citizens are sophisticated, and many understand financial concepts like lifecycle cost analysis, he says.’
      • ‘In fact, sociologists and historians have had - for at least a generation - a far more sophisticated understanding of modern Jews.’
      • ‘She had very limited knowledge of videomaking but a relatively sophisticated sense of identity issues.’
      • ‘There's definitely a user interface issue, because only the most sophisticated users are going to use anything that's complicated at all.’
      • ‘It requires huge amounts of money, sophisticated leaders and an intricate structure of command.’
      • ‘In the U.S., we are more subtle, we are more sophisticated.’
      • ‘It must be that advertising works, even on educated and sophisticated people.’
      • ‘However, a more sophisticated understanding of the biology of slowly replicating M. tuberculosis is necessary to develop such a strategy.’
      • ‘A more sophisticated understanding of power would focus on the ability of a state to control or influence its environment in situations that are not necessarily conflictual.’
      • ‘This ran through the responses of all groups, with a sophisticated understanding of the country's problems.’
      • ‘Because of these changes, competition is now firmly based on the firm's ability to meet the needs of cost-conscious, powerful and sophisticated customers in the most effective manner.’
      • ‘Indians understood the value of land and had a sophisticated and subtle understanding of the exchange of land and material goods.’
      • ‘They presuppose that students are sophisticated enough to look at a novel as an object in a given time and place, filled with all settings and vagaries of the particular time frame in which the novel occurs.’
      • ‘Von Frank tells the story better than any film could, drawing on his sophisticated understanding of how different kinds of rhetoric can aid axes and muscles in effecting social change.’



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