Definition of sorbitol in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A sweet-tasting crystalline compound found in some fruit.

    A hexahydric alcohol; chemical formula: CH₂OH(CHOH)₄CH₂OH

    • ‘Mixtures containing sorbitol, glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltose were used as standards every fifth sample.’
    • ‘The reduction of single-channel conductance was found only when sorbitol and glucose were applied.’
    • ‘The polyol pathway uses the enzyme aldose reductase to convert glucose to sorbitol.’
    • ‘Leaves were excised, placed in sucrose or sorbitol (osmotic control) and the expression of all three clones was monitored.’
    • ‘Embryos treated with 6% sorbitol + 3% sucrose showed little or no variation in size.’


Late 19th century from sorb+ -ite+ -ol.