Definition of sortition in English:



  • The action of selecting or determining something by the casting or drawing of lots.

    ‘Using sortition to fill a single-person office could easily lead to choosing a person unsuited for the job.’
    • ‘The idea of sortition derives from the same root as the idea of discretionary rights.’
    • ‘To endorse sortition as a means of representing the people does not require believing that the people are perfect.’
    • ‘The author ends by connecting heroic practices and those in democratic Athens where sortition was used for the assignment of several political, judicial and religious functions.’
    • ‘The composition of the groups was determined by sortition.’
    • ‘Versions of a constitutional amendment are proposed by states that representatives be selected by sortition, bringing into the House the potential of a still wider diversity of regions of the country.’



/sôrˈtiSHən/ /sɔrˈtɪʃən/


Late 16th century from Latin sortitio(n-), from sortire ‘divide or obtain by lot’.