Definición de sotol en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsōtōl/ /ˈsoʊtoʊl/


  • 1A North American desert plant of the agave family, with spiny-edged leaves and small white flowers.

    Genus Dasylirion, family Agavaceae: several species, including smooth-leaf sotol (D. leiophyllum)

    Bleached stalks of agave and sotol pierce the cloudless blue sky.; The sugary trunks and leaf bases of Wheeler sotol have been used to feed cattle during droughts.; The snow over the desert clarified both the colors and the forms of its plants - Mormon tea, sotol, lechuguilla, leatherstem, acacias - and the hard frost retained the tracks of javelina.; An alternative derivation is from the Apache word tezlingo which refers to a native plant, probably sotol, and the alcoholic drink made from it.
    1. 1.1An alcoholic drink made from the sap of the sotol.
      Although the process is similar to that used for mezcal, sotol is not a mezcal, since it is not made from agave.; Rattlesnake, having skin and head and tail removed, is fermented in sotol for serious foot infections.; Like its cousins, Tequila and Mezcal, Sotol has its own denomination of origin.


Late 19th century via American Spanish from Nahuatl tzotolli.



/ˈsōtōl/ /ˈsoʊtoʊl/