Definition of soul patch in English:

soul patch


North American
  • A small tuft of facial hair directly below a man's lower lip.

    ‘the 23-year-old has an earring in his left lobe, a soul patch, and a cool demeanor’
    • ‘He was wearing a collarless shirt, beaded necklace, sandals and the familiar soul patch under his bottom lip.’
    • ‘Incidentally, while you're getting rid of the soul patch you might also want to trim those eyebrows.’
    • ‘We can't help but notice that one of you is rocking a 'soul patch'.’
    • ‘He has the sparse hairs of a soul patch below his lip and a tiny bush of a beard on his chin.’
    • ‘"I know I haven't given my side of things," said Singh, the new soul patch under his lower lip giving him the thoughtful bearing of a jazz musician.’
    • ‘But sadly, no beard, no moustache, not so much as a soul patch … just barely a hint of peach fuzz that would suggest I needed to stand closer to my razor.’
    • ‘I asked the clerk, who had a soul patch and a ring through his lip; he said it was Moby's "Play."’
    • ‘How much you wanna bet that the same guy's got a ball cap on sideways, wearing big jeans, a few gold chains, and has a soul patch?’
    • ‘The central thesis of the show is that Zappa wasn't a rock'n'roll weirdo with an iconic mustache and soul patch who wrote funny songs, but an honest-to-goodness composer.’
    • ‘He wears his hair shorn to stubble and a soul patch under his lower lip.’
    • ‘The night guy, the one with the soul patch, is courteous and polite, and you're out of the store in mere moments.’
    • ‘With his flowing mane and soul patch, his requisite unorthodox childhood and his uncanny feel for the ice, he seemed destined for stardom long before Salt Lake City.’
    • ‘You would expect that the person she would have let herself open for would be a gorgeous coffee shop going sort of guy, complete with soul patch, brooding eyes, and artsy clothing, and a passion for saving animals or the environment.’
    • ‘To be sure Collins seemed to possess a unique look with a soul patch of sorts and his slightly pronounced cheekbones.’
    • ‘He grew a soul patch beneath his lower lip, donned a dark wig, and even, it seems, changed his bone structure to make his fleshy jawline more angular.’
    • ‘His hair is close-cropped, and he has a "soul patch", a smidgen of beard beneath his lower lip.’
    • ‘Find out all of the latest trends in moustaches, beards, goatees, sideburns and soul patches.’
    • ‘That's everything from dreadlocks and Mohawks to soul patches and sideburns in every color.’
    • ‘He started counting beards on passing gents - as well as stubble, soul patches, sideburns and other variants.’
    • ‘You can also find shaved heads, body piercings, tattoos, soul patches, spandex, and Goth makeup.’