Definition of soundalike in English:



  • A person or thing that closely resembles another in sound, especially someone whose voice or style of speaking or singing is very similar to that of a famous person.

    ‘The teenage songstress was up against some strong competition, including performances from soundalikes singing as Justin Hawkins, Luther Vandross and Dido.’
    • ‘The lush environments are inviting, but the characters' voices have been provided by soundalikes, rather than the film's stars.’
    • ‘The success of the production lies in having found genuine soundalikes and lookalikes.’
    • ‘My relatively meager jazz collection is full of Kind Of Blue, Blue Train and their soundalikes - nice, relaxing, limited-challenge (but groundbreaking in its way) jazz from the 1950s.’
    • ‘Now the noughties find the line-up slightly reshuffled for the first time in 25 years and a version of the band that sounds less like the New Order we'd like to remember than most of the New Order soundalikes out there.’
    • ‘Since establishing themselves with their debut album, this Ivor Novello Award-winning band have proved to be much more than Coldplay soundalikes.’
    • ‘But too much is reminiscent of derivatives the Breeders, Veruca Salt and other grunge-era soundalikes.’
    • ‘Fired by this discovery, they made various records, including this Christmas one that spawned many soundalikes.’
    • ‘He is neither a soundalike nor a wannabe, and at 24, is already creating powerful music that belies his age and experience.’
    • ‘The vocals sounded just like Sheila Chandra's originals, so maybe they've been re-used, or else they've got Sheila Chandra back in to re-record them, or else they've found a good soundalike.’
    • ‘I tottered out and was passed by a tour bus, a panzer-tank soundalike, belching fumes, its upper deck laden with day trippers.’
    • ‘The audience will use fingerpads to vote for their favourite soundalike, who will then gain an audition for the TV series.’
    • ‘The show features a soundalike version with a different singer.’
    • ‘Such gob-smacking simplicity should be easy to describe to you, the reader, using the conventional comparisons and soundalikes, but this single isn't quite like anything.’
    • ‘There was a real party atmosphere and a great sense of anticipation as the fans waited for the Elvis lookalike and soundalike to appear on stage.’
    • ‘There's something endearingly gauche and ham-fisted about the way in which this tune almost succeeds as a Stock Aitken Waterman soundalike, but ultimately just falls short.’



/ˈsoundəˌlīk/ /ˈsaʊndəˌlaɪk/