Definition of soundbar in English:



  • A bar-shaped device containing multiple speakers, used with a television set, computer, or MP3 player.

    ‘an easy way to boost the sound of any TV is by using a soundbar’
    • ‘By separating the sound between left, right and centre, the soundbar allows a dedicated channel for dialogue, making films easier to hear.’
    • ‘The British audio company releases a Wi-Fi-enabled digital radio and iPod dock, and a 'soundbar' using spatial stereo technology.’
    • ‘Consumers bought soundbars because they added a improved sound without increasing the complexity of an audio set-up.’
    • ‘While soundbars are becoming ever more popular in home theater use, this speaker is a fairly novel design for the PC industry.’
    • ‘Bigger TV screens, soundbars and HD are challenging cinemas' technical edge.’
    • ‘The market for soundbars, which enhance the sound from TVs by adding more sophisticated speakers, has grown by 60 per cent year on year, while the traditional home theatre market has grown by just three per cent.’
    • ‘You'll connect all of your devices to your TV, then output the sound from your TV to the soundbar.’
    • ‘A decent soundbar will provide enough grunt to render an amplifier unnecessary.’
    • ‘Now, several high-end manufacturers are making the soundbar a sought-after item.’
    • ‘We've seen a lot of manufacturers claim to have a soundbar that can deliver an immersive listening experience.’