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  • 1(of food, especially fish) preserved in a pickling solution or a marinade.

    ‘soused herring’
    • ‘A boned and stuffed quail, on a chestnut and cinnamon risotto with soused figs?’
    • ‘Eat the soused herrings cold with plenty of brown bread and butter.’
    • ‘Unlike soused herring, pickled herrings are raw when put into the vinegar and pickling spices.’
    • ‘a preparation of fried fish which has been allowed to cool and is then soused with a hot marinade of vinegar and other ingredients.’
    • ‘But suddenly it sounds like a luscious late - luncheon launchpad: seared lamb kidneys glazed with marsala, pumpkin ravioli and parsley garlic pesto with soused leek.’
    • ‘Also unlike soused herring, pickled herring is eaten cold-more like Swedish sushi than anything else, I suppose.’
    • ‘Yet I had ordered duck pie, alamode beef and soused hog's face as well, apart from the kickshaws.’
    • ‘Shredded carrots are soused in soy sauce (and possibly sesame oil) and mixed with sesame seeds, coriander and arame, a Japanese algae seaweed product.’
    • ‘In Europe, thread-like baby eels, or angulas as they are called in Spain are fried, soused with a healthy dose of lemon, and served as a delicate tapas.’
    pickled, marinated, soaked, steeped
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  • 2 informal Drunk.

    • ‘I was soused to the eyeballs’
    • ‘Mrs. Marchand was too soused to ask questions of her boarders or recall much information about them.’
    • ‘The London managers, however, have planned to throw out all soused writers from the new place.’
    • ‘Last night 2 soused cowpunchers had a real slugging knocking down rolling on the floor fight in the joint next door.’
    • ‘He had imbibed a lot of beer in two days and was quite soused.’
    • ‘They were pouring in from the surrounding villages, going to the fair and getting outrageously soused.’
    • ‘To gain an Ivy League education while soused suggests a certain intellectual capacity.’
    • ‘Play the polka to pump up your beer party, and save the waltz for when you're soused.’
    • ‘Nick, it should be noted, is too soused to walk properly, much less have another drink.’
    • ‘One morning before school, I convinced the daughter to get soused on lime vodka.’
    • ‘So the evening stretched into the wee hours and fishboy got well soused.’
    • ‘But the soused Frenchman attempted to make a getaway.’
    • ‘He came over, already a little soused, and we just sort of chatted.’
    • ‘Police handcuffed the soused man and took him to the station for questioning.’
    • ‘Police said they kept the soused Englishman in custody as much for his own safety as that of the public.’
    • ‘If that many Brits come back from lunch soused, does it affect productivity or performance?’
    • ‘I swiftly become as soused as a herring.’
    • ‘And hell, many people need booze to say hello to someone they like, so it's not surprising some of us need to be soused to let loose in bed.’
    • ‘He mistakes Vernon for an officious bartender, Irving for an interfering fellow john; meanwhile, he gets more soused and the situation more fraught.’
    • ‘Soused patrons sit in the flesh-friendly nightclub's back area, coughing up $20 for lap dances as hip-hop songs blare on the speakers.’
    • ‘The soused starlet invited a fellow patron to take a hit in the bathroom, but was politely turned down when distinctive white crack smoke billowed from her glass pipe.’
    drunk, drunken, inebriated, intoxicated, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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/soust/ /saʊst/