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  • 1Situated in, directed toward, or facing the southwest.

    ‘the southwestern coast of Turkey’
    • ‘I am led to conclude that many towns existed on the south-western shore of Britain, previous to the descent of Julius Caesar.’
    • ‘The Himalayas lie on the south-western border of China.’
    • ‘This south-western range seems to be the chief factor in the group of hills that forms the western side of the Samaritan Gorge.’
    • ‘Non-glaciated areas are more common towards the western extremity of the island, where nearly all of the anchorages on the south-western side occur.’
    • ‘The first column marched towards the south-western gate at six o'clock.’
    1. 1.1(of a wind) blowing from the southwest.
      ‘all sea crossings have been canceled because of a strong southwestern wind’
      • ‘The climate is tempered by the south-western breezes of the Indian Ocean.’
      • ‘As the breeze changed into a south-western gale, few of the passengers escaped seasickness.’
      • ‘On the 29th, a south-western storm burst, which was accompanied with flashes of lightning of an extraordinary length.’
      • ‘Our western and south-western gusts of wind are very destructive to the vine when it is in the full vigour of growth.’
      • ‘South-western zephyr, far from oceans here, whispers lazily of warm Gulf Stream sunfish.’
  • 2Living in, originating from, or characteristic of the southwest of a particular country or region.

    ‘the southwestern residents' traffic concerns’
    • ‘his thick southwestern accent’
    • ‘The south-western cuisine is not necessarily spicy or greasy.’
    • ‘It seems worthwhile to try and isolate these earlier south-western traditions.’
    • ‘The restaurants operate in harmony with certain south-western festivals such as the Espelette Festival in October, when lots of Basque songs are featured.’
    • ‘We have seen examples of this adopted in architectural figures of the Romanesque period in the south-western schools.’
    • ‘This anonymous play has a consistent speaker of south-western dialect, the cloth-maker Oliver, whose home is explicitly mentioned as Devonshire.’



/ˌsouTHˈwestərn/ /ˌsaʊθˈwɛstərn/