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  • 1A mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties.

    ‘Karlovy Vary is a spa town famous for its mineral waters and their medicinal qualities.’
    • ‘Restoration hopes for a spa town's premier listed building are sinking following claims that it is likely to miss out on vital funding from the Government's regeneration agency.’
    • ‘Head into the wooded foothills to Badenweiler, a spa town with that mix of classical gentility, raffishness and effusive horticulture that marks the better thermal spots.’
    • ‘Interlaken, a spa town in spectacular countryside wedged between lakes and mountains in the Bernese Oberland, has a long tradition of outside influences.’
    • ‘But it was his chronic asthma that defined his childhood, forcing the family to move to the dry climate of Alta Gracia, a small spa town near Cordoba.’
    • ‘The authorities in France and Switzerland were forced to deploy 25,000 police and troops around the spa town of Evian when the summit was held there in June.’
    • ‘Built on its reputation as a spa town, it now thrives on its connections with major cities, picturesque surroundings, and a reputation for good schools.’
    • ‘Historically, Bad Gastein is the spa town of Austria with emperors and other VIPs taking in treatment.’
    • ‘This refurbished house in Velingrad, a mountain spa town an hour and a half's drive from Sofia, has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a terrace.’
    • ‘Just 20 minutes before some of the world's greatest cyclists were due in town Ilkley looked every inch the demure spa town it is.’
    • ‘They lived in two rented apartments in Frankfurt and rented two others in the spa town of Baden-Baden, near the French border.’
    • ‘With TV pictures beamed around the world, it will mean previously undreamt of publicity for the spa town.’
    • ‘Chekhov died in Badenweiler, a German spa town which he described to his sister as ‘desperately boring’.’
    • ‘There are lots of other resorts on the lakeshore such as the medieval town of Malcesine, the vineyards-surrounded town of Bardolino, and the Roman spa town of Sirmione.’
    • ‘He was then free to practise as a gynaecologist, settling in the genteel spa town of Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt.’
    • ‘Further afield, a few kilometres east of the A95 which connects Munich to the ski resort of Garmisch Partenkirchen, lies the spa town of Bad Tolz.’
    • ‘The one thing you must do, whether you just pass straight through the Pump Room after your Roman Bath tour, or actually stop for a meal there, is try a glass of the spa water containing 43 minerals.’
    • ‘When Daniel Defoe toured England in the early 1720s he discovered many spa towns.’
    • ‘He went to take that popular Georgian pick-me-up, bathing in and drinking the spa waters at Bath.’
    well head
    1. 1.1A place or resort with a mineral spring.
      ‘Some of the most rapidly growing towns in the mid-nineteenth century were the very antithesis of industrial centres: these were the seaside resorts, fashionable spas, and tourist attractions, such as Rome.’
      • ‘Many of the hostages, especially children, were sent to Black Sea spas and resorts with their families.’
      • ‘Velingrad is a well-known spa and climatic resort in south Bulgaria.’
      • ‘Last week saw a visit from a group of ambassadors for the Slovenian spa and ski resort Zrece.’
      • ‘If Hill were to lure wealthy eastern tourists who had formerly traveled to Europe or had spent their vacations at resorts and spas in the East, the advertising campaign would have to be imaginative and expensive.’
      • ‘The town, which was a famous spa with thermal springs, was on the Adour River, about 80 km north of the Pyrenees and the border with Spain.’
      • ‘However, in Victorian times it was common among the wealthier classes to visit health-giving spas in order to ‘take the waters’, which meant drinking quantities of water directly welling up out of the earth.’
      • ‘The Romans had a special fondness for mineral spas, visiting them for medicinal and recreational purposes.’
      tourist centre, centre, spot, retreat, haunt
    2. 1.2A commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through such means as steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage.
      ‘Many health clubs, sports centres, beauty clinics, complementary therapy centres and health spas now offer aromatherapy massage.’
      • ‘A tepidarium, rapid tanning room, hairdressing salon, spa and beauty treatment rooms complete the picture.’
      • ‘High end beauty spas and massage places are getting coach loads of visitors every day and karaoke bars are doing a roaring trade.’
      • ‘Swimming pools and tennis courts can be found at many ranches, and some even offer health spas and massages.’
      • ‘The hotel caters for guests engaged in both work and pleasure, boasting a health spa with six treatment rooms and a fitness suite, as well as fully equipped conference facilities.’
      • ‘A European health spa and beauty salon are also available.’
      • ‘Included in the spa are four health and beauty treatment rooms, a relaxation room, a sunbed and highly trained beauty therapists on standby.’
      • ‘For mom, many salons and spas offer unique treatments that incorporate exotic elements of the Bahamas.’
      • ‘While yoga, Pilates and Thai massage are becoming staples at spas and health clubs nationwide, an ancient massage treatment from India, Ayurveda, is gaining in popularity.’
      • ‘One of the most significant aspects of the development, however, is the construction of a spacious health and beauty spa.’
      • ‘The status of oxygen facials - embraced by a growing number of doctors, spas and beauty therapists - is typical of many cosmetic treatments that do not claim to alter the skin.’
      • ‘Even French women of modest means are much more likely than American women to get treatments in spas or clinics that scrub, polish, buff, massage and cream their skins.’
      • ‘Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the allure of affordable-luxury businesses such as day spas and beauty salons is positively irresistible.’
      • ‘With so many beauty salons and spas in the Dublin area, location was the most important factor.’
      • ‘A new 52-bedroom hotel is also being developed on the site as is a fully equipped leisure club with a 16 metre indoor swimming pool, a gym and a health and beauty spa.’
      • ‘But I balance my heavy workload with pampering treats like a facial or a massage or treatment at a spa once a month.’
      • ‘She has won a weekend of pampering in London with two nights' accommodation, a day at a health spa and tickets to a West End show of her choice.’
      • ‘Apart from a daily bath at home, it is worth thinking about special treatment in a spa.’
      • ‘Restaurants, a beauty spa, stores and boutiques will feature in the new-look centre.’
      • ‘But some spas feature treatments that are more than just indulgent; they also help relieve a host of common health problems, all in a setting that's calming and comforting.’
    3. 1.3A bath or small pool containing hot aerated water.
      ‘The largest of the four bedrooms has a wide bay window, mirrored wardrobes and an en suite bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi spa bath.’
      • ‘Hope and Karen were reclining recently in the spa pool at the gym, relaxing in the warm water, an environment conducive to making sudden leaps of insight.’
      • ‘He was hoisted into a spa bath with the jets turned on and bubble bath added to five inches of water.’
      • ‘This spa pool also had very little chlorine disinfectant, making it a potentially serious health risk as bathers could catch a water-borne infection.’
      • ‘Each apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting, inlaid flooring, a private veranda with a spa pool and an ornate ‘state room’.’
      • ‘It's a large room with a pretend-bar, a kitchen on the right and sliding glass doors lead to a covered balcony with an above-the-ground spa pool.’
      • ‘Gilmour recalls wistfully glancing at the hotel spa pool upon retiring.’
      • ‘Daniel said the spa pool was beneficial because of its adjustable jets.’
      • ‘This year there has been only one case of the illness reported to be associated with a spa pool.’
      • ‘We jumped out of the spa bath in just our swimming costumes and ran back indoors.’
      • ‘Put simply it's huge: the en suite is comprised of a corner spa bath, two wash hand basins on cherry wood stands, a toilet, double pump shower and is fully tiled.’
      • ‘Each apartment has one WC / shower room as well as a large en-suite bathroom, boasting a spa bath, tiled floors and recessed mirrors.’
      • ‘Naturally, the main bathroom has a large spa bath.’
      • ‘Spacious bathrooms feature cool marble and in most cases a spa bath, and generous shower heads.’
      • ‘He dropped me off at my beautiful loft and as soon as I walked in, I went straight to my spa bath and filled it.’
      • ‘The basement has a complete Turkish bath, spa pool, fountain, swimming pool and a hairdressing salon.’
      • ‘The four cottages each have a king-sized bed, fireplace, full kitchen, lounge, sofa bed, spa bath and deck surrounded by immense tropical shrubs.’
      • ‘All have en-suite facilities, plus sauna, spa bath, telephone, satellite TV and leather sofas.’
      • ‘Each villa comes with its own pool, spa bath and maid service.’
      • ‘He would lose his five-bedroom house in the United States, complete with swimming pool, spa bath and sports car.’
      spa bath, hot tub



/spä/ /spɑ/


Early 17th century from Spa.

Main definitions of Spa in English

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proper noun

  • A small town in eastern Belgium, southeast of Liège; population 10,549 (2008). It has been celebrated since medieval times for the curative properties of its mineral springs.



/spä/ /spɑ/