Definition of space frame in English:

space frame


  • A three-dimensional structural framework which is designed to behave as an integral unit and to withstand loads applied at any point.

    ‘the space frame of her car absorbed most of the collision’
    • ‘Clad in mirrored glass over a uniform space frame, the design boasts passive solar heating and wind cooling obtained through operable strips of ventilating windows.’
    • ‘The pipe-arch structure, a large space frame, is perhaps the most economical design for the wide span.’
    • ‘The joists also provide a base for the space frame that supports the roof.’
    • ‘Although the car uses an aluminium space frame which is 60% stiffer than an equivalent steel structure, it's driving performance felt somewhat heavy on the twisty roads near Le Castellet in the South of France.’
    • ‘The designers then detailed the roof section, which consists of a steel space frame encased in metal cladding.’
    • ‘Lightweight space frames are nothing new; however the latest sports car from Aston Martin has an aluminum space frame that is bonded, glued and riveted together.’
    • ‘The mid- and front-sections are constructed with high-strength steel, while the main members of the space frame are constructed from extra high-strength steel.’
    • ‘The company swears that its aluminium space frame will be exclusive to the brand.’
    • ‘The carbon-fiber body is mounted on a steel space frame and composite floor panels, giving the lightweight vehicle the ability to leap to 60 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds.’
    • ‘In fact, HSS is used for about 90% of the total space frame.’
    • ‘Inside the new entrance, a wooden space frame tops a large atrium where office workers mix with university students and shoppers in a nearly urban atmosphere.’
    • ‘The triangulated space frame of the roof is made up of solid stainless steel rods that form six pointed stars screwed into nodal connectors.’
    • ‘The components are attached to the space frame with fasteners.’
    • ‘The all-aluminum space frame is made of stampings, castings and extrusions and is welded to the aluminum chassis.’
    • ‘The space frame will have attachment points for the body panels to hang from in a manner that will allow for precise fit and finish.’
    • ‘However, while the choice of donor vehicle might be unusual the construction isn't, this being a steel space frame chassis with glass-fibre body.’
    • ‘Aluminum castings are also gaining acceptance for many parts and innovative applications in the construction of space frames, axle parts and structural components.’
    • ‘This vehicle features an extruded aluminum space frame and thermoplastic body panels.’
    • ‘One of the great designers of racing cars worked on the space frames for Vanwall in 1956 and then revised the suspension on the BRM in 1957.’
    • ‘Some competitors believe that aluminum space frames eventually will become a sort of ‘platform’ on which future powertrains, seats and interior components, and eventually plastic body panels, will be placed.’