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space heater

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  • A self-contained appliance, usually electric, for heating an enclosed room.

    ‘Let's assume that nothing else in the house is on, so the meter is measuring only the electricity used by the space heater.’
    • ‘A space heater in an enclosed area can provide the needed heat for curing.’
    • ‘It was freezing cold outside and there was no heat in the garage, so he had a little space heater over by his side and I had a blanket that he graciously gave me to drape around my shoulders like a Navajo Indian.’
    • ‘Today I am forcing myself to leave my room and get dressed and buy a space heater.’
    • ‘Anyhow, it's about ten below in here (give or take a few for the wind chill factor) and the space heater isn't really helping.’
    • ‘Hopefully the heat situation will somehow work out in my favour; it's a little nippy in here with me having left the space heater off all day, but it's not really bad.’
    • ‘Still, I have a space heater, and it never gets too cold here, not like in the old days - never below 60, anyway.’
    • ‘I'll also need a space heater because it's always chilly in the basement.’
    • ‘Even with the newly-installed space heater, the air in there wouldn't rise above forty degrees.’
    • ‘The fire department is looking into whether a space heater started that fire.’
    • ‘The family huddled with blankets in their living room, trying to stay warm with a space heater.’
    • ‘The falling table knocked over a space heater and set fire to the store.’
    • ‘Air conditioning means sixty degree offices, and until I move my computers outdoors I'll be enjoying the benefits of the space heater.’
    • ‘He had only been in his tiny apartment for two days and the only furnishings he could afford were a lamp, a pillow, a space heater, and an insulated sleeping bag.’
    • ‘Plastic sheets temporarily hung from the rafters until a new door arrives don't succeed in blocking the wind, but a space heater helps.’
    • ‘Check your local and state building codes and fire ordinances to see if you can use an unvented space heater, if you consider purchasing one.’
    • ‘When she received an astronomical bill several months ago - the result of heating her home with a space heater - she nearly fainted.’
    • ‘Allow three feet between a space heater and anything flammable.’
    • ‘I walk over to our little space heater and warm my hands by it.’
    • ‘In a separate incident, a woman died when her attempts to fight off the cold with a space heater and candles set her New York City apartment ablaze.’


space heater

/ˈspās ˌhēdər/ /ˈspeɪs ˌhidər/