Definition of space lattice in English:

space lattice


  • A regular, indefinitely repeated array of points in three dimensions in which the points lie at the intersections of three sets of parallel equidistant planes.

    ‘The N particles are randomly placed on the phase space lattice with no more than one particle on a lattice site.’
    • ‘A regular space lattice is a particularly simple type of network.’
    • ‘For 3-dimensional space lattices we need 3 or in some cases 4 crystallographic axes that define directions within the crystal lattices.’
    • ‘Bravais space lattices represent the 14 basic lattice types from which according to Bravais, practically all natural crystals originate.’
    • ‘He also perceived that the 14 space lattices consisted of 7 different lattice symmetries, which correspond to 7 crystal systems.’


space lattice

/ˈspās ˌladəs/ /ˈspeɪs ˌlædəs/