Definition of space rocket in English:

space rocket


  • A rocket designed to travel through space or to launch a spacecraft.

    ‘This three-pillared tower is modeled on a Soyuz space rocket.’
    • ‘Your journey out of this world begins not on the launch pad like a conventional space rocket but on a runway.’
    • ‘The hotel's central wing, squeezed between two adjoining blocks, has the shape of a ready-to-take-off space rocket, and the whole structure is rather reminiscent of a missile launch pad from Cape Canaveral.’
    • ‘The threshold of pain on the Decibel Scale is 130, while a space rocket at take-off measures between 140 and 190 decibels.’
    • ‘Two York graduates were knocked off their feet when a Russian space rocket malfunctioned before plummeting back to earth and exploding less than half a mile from where they stood.’
    • ‘Two graduates from York University were hit by the blast from an exploding space rocket which killed a Russian soldier and wounded eight more this week.’
    • ‘Shoppers in Stockport were left starry-eyed when a record-breaking space rocket went on show at the famous Victorian market hall.’
    • ‘You must have felt, though, that you were aboard a space rocket in terms of your own career trajectory.’
    • ‘I'm sure planes will become obsolete one day, and we'll have machines traversing the earth at the speed of a space rocket.’
    • ‘Space woman Helen Sharman was the subject of a display with a floral depiction of the moon, a planet and a space rocket as centrepiece.’
    • ‘It makes boosters for the Ariane 5 space rocket and parts for military and commercial planes and helicopters.’
    • ‘In 1903 the Russian physicist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was developing ideas for space rockets fuelled by liquefied gas and by 1926 Robert Goddard in the USA had successfully designed the first liquid-fuelled rocket.’
    • ‘I read an article about Nasa using plants in space rockets to recycle the carbon dioxide into oxygen.’
    • ‘From peanut butter to space rockets, this book demonstrates how history was changed by scientists who openly acknowledged God as Creator.’
    • ‘This improbable collaboration is founded on the idea that eggshells and discarded pieces of space rockets will break up in a similar way.’
    • ‘The concern has gone from working on space rockets to making electric appliances - at a profit.’
    • ‘But in focusing on CFCs as a prime cause of ozone depletion in the stratosphere, we have largely forgotten exhaust from space rockets.’


space rocket

/spās ˈräkət/ /speɪs ˈrɑkət/