Definition of space station in English:

space station


  • A large artificial satellite used as a long-term base for manned operations in space.

    ‘The space station is now the most complex and powerful spacecraft ever built.’
    • ‘The Russians had the space station Mir in orbit and American astronauts were on board for lengthy visits.’
    • ‘Despite years of operation, almost no science has been conducted on the space station.’
    • ‘During its final years in orbit, the Russian space station Mir suffered a number of mishaps.’
    • ‘The footprint as well as several consecutive orbits of the Mir space station are shown on the map.’
    • ‘We travel up in the Soyuz capsule the Russians have been using since the Mir space station.’
    • ‘Astronauts aboard the international space station also sent their best wishes.’
    • ‘There they met and interviewed Alex Martynov, a controller who worked on the MIR space station.’
    • ‘Nasa recently lost its robot probe to Mars, and Russia has been plagued by problems with the Mir space station.’
    • ‘For this reason, astronomers refer to the environment on-board the space station as microgravity.’
    • ‘Mr Volkov spent more than a year in space and worked on the Mir space station.’
    • ‘Aboard a space station orbiting in full view of Earth, a cosmonaut always has the option of being able to bail out and return home.’
    • ‘NASA estimates it will take three and a half years to add the shielding to the orbiting space station.’
    • ‘Clearly, the idea of the space shuttle, and the idea of a space station, were misguided.’
    • ‘Two days later, the craft will match the orbit of the international space station, enabling it to dock safely.’
    • ‘Just this week, China announced that it will be putting its own space station into orbit.’
    • ‘Astronauts sealed in a spacecraft or space station need a continuous supply of oxygen.’
    • ‘Along with five other astronauts, he has been on a Nasa mission to continue construction on the international space station.’
    • ‘The cosmonauts had spent the last three weeks in the Soviet space station, everything had gone well, and they were coming home.’
    • ‘At the same time, Nasa was under pressure to build the international space station.’
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space station

/ˈspā(s) ˌstāSHən/ /ˈspeɪ(s) ˌsteɪʃən/