Definition of space vehicle in English:

space vehicle


  • A spacecraft.

    ‘We are on target for raising the money we need this year and next year to fulfill the promise of launching a Brazilian space vehicle by the first half of 2006.’
    • ‘As soon as the space vehicle touched down, the two astronauts - Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng - were greeted with flowers and cheers.’
    • ‘The new space vehicle will use a capsule similar to Apollo's and lander capable of carrying four astronauts to the moon's surface.’
    • ‘This schedule would still leave the US without a manned space vehicle for a couple of years, during which time America would have to rely on Russian and European launchers to get to the International Space Station.’
    • ‘A major subcontractor, designed, integrated and tested the space vehicle and built some of its major payload components.’
    • ‘An efficient, timely, revolutionary process, developed by NASA, may help design the next generation of space vehicles.’
    • ‘Fourteen spacecraft have visited the International Space Station in the past 12 months, including four different types of space vehicles.’
    • ‘And just as competition on Earth has resulted in better and cheaper cars, competition will result in cheaper, more efficient space vehicles than NASA would build on its own, he says.’
    • ‘By the late 1970s about a hundred space vehicles were launched each year.’
    • ‘And like jets, the next generation of space vehicles might take off from a runway rather than a launch pad.’
    • ‘The prototype suggests it may be useful for dynamic heat shields on space vehicles - shields that would reflect infrared light or heat as the ship rotates toward the sun, then lighten to transmit the heat when the ship rotates away.’
    • ‘It played an important role in the war effort, and in peacetime has come to be used in cookware, electrical insulators, space suits, and as nose cones, heat shields, and fuel tanks for space vehicles.’
    • ‘‘Astronaut’ is the term typically applied to those who fly on U.S. spacecraft, whereas ‘cosmonaut’ refers to crewmembers who have flown on Russian space vehicles.’
    • ‘NASA spent many years and billions of dollars researching next-generation space vehicles with which to replace the shuttle, but the agency has nothing to show for it.’
    • ‘The US has now committed to conventional rocket-powered space vehicles currently being planned as part of NASA's Constellation project.’
    • ‘After this, NASA would have no more manned space vehicles.’
    • ‘Such a device may be used in the seating apparatus of various vehicles, including aircraft, automobiles, space vehicles, helicopters, heavy machinery, tractors, military vehicles, and the like.’
    • ‘The complexity of space vehicles makes them inherently dangerous, and the evidence suggests that, given the state of the art in engineering, we have to accept the likelihood of one failure every 50 flights or so.’
    • ‘The aerospace industry itself comprises companies producing aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, and related parts.’
    • ‘Such alloys are often used in space vehicles and aircraft; in building and heavy construction equipment; and in transportation, machinery, and tools.’


space vehicle

/spās ˈvēˌhikəl/ /speɪs ˈviˌhɪkəl/ /ˈvēəkəl/ /ˈviəkəl/