Definition of spacefaring in English:



  • The action or activity of traveling in space.

    ‘the complications in spacefaring’
    • ‘spacefaring nations are racing to develop new technologies’
    • ‘While other spacefaring nations have promulgated their own standards for debris mitigation, there is, as of now, no international consensus position on this problem.’
    • ‘As in other spacefaring nations, the question is often asked whether space exploration is worthwhile when there are contemporary terrestrial needs that must be addressed.’
    • ‘Russia and the United States, and the world's other spacefaring nations, will be conducting complex and challenging space missions in decades to come.’
    • ‘I am posting a $1,000 prize for the best article promoting human spacefaring that appeared in a print or web publication during this year.’
    • ‘Today, to express a vision of a vigorous, spacefaring civilization, opening up the vast wealth of the solar system, is to invite ridicule and disbelieving laughter.’
    • ‘The spacefaring brotherhood that now exists can be traced back to that handshake in orbit.’
    • ‘By the end of Project Apollo, in 1972, a total of twelve astronauts had walked on the lunar soil and returned safely to Earth, and the United States was well established as the dominant spacefaring nation.’
    • ‘In order to preserve our advantage as the leading spacefaring nation, we must ensure that we have a strategy to guarantee availability of the most crucial element of space power - our space professionals.’
    • ‘Both of the world's major spacefaring nations, the United States and Russia, have had close calls and catastrophes.’
    • ‘The United States and other major spacefaring nations have never signed, let alone ratified, the treaty.’
    • ‘All spacefaring nations have implemented some level of supportive government policy.’
    • ‘Only nine nations have ratified the treaty, none of which are major spacefaring nations.’
    • ‘Current U.S. space spending is an order of magnitude or more greater than the space spending of Russia, Europe, Japan, or China, the next tier of spacefaring countries.’
    • ‘The National Space Society described the report as ‘a plan that will transform NASA and lead the way to a spacefaring civilization.’’
    • ‘If you could be President for a day, and make one space policy decision to advance humanity's transformation out of the cradle of Earth and into a spacefaring society, what would it be?’
    • ‘Producing movies does not totally fulfill my desire to see us turn into a spacefaring civilization.’
    • ‘However, we should not confuse the legitimate desire for a new spacefaring civilization with the equally legitimate goal of building return on investment.’
    • ‘It may be many years before the true impact of 2004 on the development of a true spacefaring civilization is understood.’
    • ‘In order to become a spacefaring race, people need to be taught what to hope for.’
    • ‘Mars is the critical test that will determine whether we become a spacefaring species or whether we continue to be limited to Earth.’



/ˈspāsˌferiNG/ /ˈspeɪsˌfɛrɪŋ/