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  • A spacecraft, especially one controlled by a crew.

    ‘He wants a fleet of spaceships, capable of carrying at least five people each, to fly jet-setters into the edge of space.’
    • ‘How do you spend your down time - in other words, what do you do when you're not getting spaceships out to other planets?’
    • ‘In other words, if we were to launch a spaceship from Earth and fly in as straight a line as possible, we could find ourselves returning home.’
    • ‘This means that nuclear spaceships could travel twice as fast as our current chemical spacecraft.’
    • ‘The shuttle's three main engines continue burning to carry the spaceship into orbit.’
    • ‘This means that the spaceship orbits slower than it would if the Moon wasn't there.’
    • ‘The winged spaceships are supposed to fly until 2012, however NASA is researching whether their retirement date can be pushed back to 2020.’
    • ‘NASA is interested in sensing contaminants because spaceships are tightly sealed.’
    • ‘From the moment he learned about Sputnik, Gagarin secretly knew he would join the space programme and even began sketching his ideas for spaceships.’
    • ‘Some of the earliest proposals in fact were that one could make spaceships that are propelled by atomic bombs and that the ship actually surfs on the blast wave of a nuclear bomb.’
    • ‘When I was a television journalist here in town, I did the news the night that one of the Apollo spaceships was circling the earth.’
    • ‘Have any formerly unidentified flying objects been convincingly shown to be alien spaceships?’
    • ‘We do not just need bigger and better rockets and spaceships in order to set up space colonies on the Moon or Mars.’
    • ‘Above our heads an enormous spaceship blasts off into a star-filled sky.’
    • ‘During the show's first few years, minimal scientific research went into the spaceships and weapons that fascinated children.’
    • ‘Only instead of traveling in boats to cross the oceans and reach far away lands they use spaceships to reach far away planets and meet strange cultures.’
    • ‘It will invest about $108 million in spaceships and ground infrastructure for the venture, it said.’
    • ‘Humans have long dreamed of building spaceships, all the while riding on one that provides everyone with billions of free air miles every day of their lives.’
    • ‘I play videogames in order to do things that I could never do in real life, like flying spaceships, grappling with monsters, or skateboard standing up.’
    • ‘Normally in bad sci-fi, even after crashing, spaceships work without a problem the second time they start them up.’
    vessel, ship, boat, watercraft, aircraft, machine, spacecraft, spaceship



/ˈspā(s)ˌSHip/ /ˈspeɪ(s)ˌʃɪp/