Definition of spacewalk in English:



  • A period of physical activity engaged in by an astronaut in space outside a spacecraft.

    • ‘A Russian cosmonaut and an American astronaut are on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station.’
    • ‘The device is unique in that it reduces the static charge in a self-regulating manner and allows astronauts to safely conduct spacewalks on and around the structure of the International Space Station.’
    • ‘For the year that it will be located outside of the ISS this experiment facility will be measuring the radiation doses that would be experienced by astronauts during spacewalks.’
    • ‘Steve Robinson and Soichi Noguchi will make three spacewalks outside the Shuttle.’
    • ‘A riskier-than-usual spacewalk outside the international space station was cut short because of a malfunction that left one of the two crewmen with a warm, damp suit.’
    • ‘The country also aims to have an astronaut performing a spacewalk during the planned Shenzhou VII mission and eventually put men on the moon.’
    • ‘As I write two astronauts are on a spacewalk, trying to fix the problem and check for any sign of further damage.’
    • ‘In its second year of occupancy, astronauts and cosmonauts have conducted 16 spacewalks for maintenance and assembly of the Station.’
    • ‘That's where astronauts practice extravehicular activities, more commonly known as spacewalks.’
    • ‘The antenna will support Russian video transmission during Russian spacewalks, and during normal operations will support amateur radio activities.’
    • ‘Herrington had to re-plan the installation of components on the International Space Station during a spacewalk when it did not proceed as it did during testing.’
    • ‘Commander Usachev has spent a total of 376 days in space and performed six spacewalks during two missions to the Russian Mir space station.’
    • ‘During one of three planned spacewalks on the Discovery, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi and his US counterpart Stephen Robinson will test repair techniques adopted after the Columbia disaster.’
    • ‘During the expedition, Voss conducted spacewalks in both U.S. and Russian space suits, and he was the first person to operate the Space Station Robotic Manipulator System.’
    • ‘And now tomorrow morning, 4:44 a.m., two of the shuttle astronauts will begin the first of three spacewalks.’
    • ‘Barry is a veteran of three Space Shuttle flights and four spacewalks.’
    • ‘During these storms, astronauts are advised to reduce exposure, particularly during spacewalks.’
    • ‘He is expected to carry out several spacewalks to attach new segments to the Space Station's truss sections.’
    • ‘In 1965 he became to first man to go on a spacewalk, and he still follows events in spaceflight from the sidelines.’
    • ‘Hadfield is currently one of nine Canadian astronauts and the first Canadian to perform a spacewalk.’


  • Undertake a spacewalk.

    • ‘In addition to the ACS, spacewalking astronauts installed a new high-tech mechanical ‘refrigerator‘on Hubble during the servicing mission.’
    • ‘Discovery's astronauts spent nine days of their 13-day mission resupplying the orbiting lab and two spacewalking astronauts replaced a gyroscope, which stopped working in 2002.’
    • ‘Two spacewalking astronauts improved the parking situation at the international space station today, putting up the latest devices for guiding in a brand new line of space cargo ships.’
    • ‘I just spent 3 hours spacewalking trying to fix the thing.’
    • ‘Apollo 17 was the last lunar flight, but spacewalking astronauts continued to perform important tasks in space.’
    • ‘Significant (though not complete) shielding can be afforded to spacewalking astronauts by simply having them go back inside their shuttle or space station.’
    • ‘According to the original scheme, spacewalking astronauts would have replaced failing batteries, gyroscopes and fine-guidance sensors.’
    • ‘Besides logging more than 259 hours in space, he has more than 14 hours of extravehicular activity, or spacewalking.’
    • ‘Hubble is the first scientific mission of any kind that is specifically designed for routine servicing by spacewalking astronauts.’
    • ‘He has logged more than 35 days in space, including more than 13 hours spacewalking.’
    • ‘She was a vital member of the spacewalking team that captured and repaired the crippled Hubble Space Telescope.’
    • ‘Ross is a veteran of six shuttle missions and has extensive spacewalking experience, having been outside the orbiter on seven occasions.’
    • ‘Two pieces of filler material protruding between tiles on Discovery's belly were removed by a spacewalking astronaut last week, for fear they could lead to a repeat of the Columbia tragedy.’
    • ‘But already, it looks as though the Canadian Space Agency's robot could accomplish most if not everything that spacewalking astronauts were meant to do.’