Definition of spackle in English:



mass nounNorth American trademark
  • A compound used to fill cracks in plaster and produce a smooth surface before decoration.

    ‘ceiling spackle and fake-wood decorative beams’
    • ‘Gouges or holes in the walls must be repaired with wall board compound, spackle, or patching plaster.’
    • ‘Fill all cracks and holes using a joint compound and drywall compound or spackle.’
    • ‘Use no-shrink spackle, joint compound or plaster to patch screw holes.’
    • ‘This is time consuming and not always aesthetically necessary, but if you decide to fill them in, use lightweight spackle and caulk.’
    • ‘A coat of spackle and paint won't hide the resulting cracks and disfiguring dents.’


[with object]
  • Repair (a surface) or fill (a hole or crack) with spackle.

    ‘pull off any loose paper and spackle these areas’
    • ‘In something of a daze, I quickly spackled the holes left by the shelf removal and began to paint.’
    • ‘If you score the wall, too, it can always be spackled and sanded.’
    • ‘I spackled the wall two years back and have just been sort of glaring at it since.’
    • ‘I'm hoping to finish spackling and caulking by 5 AM so I can get a few hours of sleep before I record.’
    • ‘He's been madly spackling and painting his nice new walls and windows.’
    • ‘We spackled, moved bookshelves and discussed my new foster brother.’
    • ‘Pate reported that the New Orleans project team plans to spackle any bug holes on the inside walls and spray/splatter a textured finish to complete the inside surfaces.’
    • ‘He can smoke all he wants in our apartment, but he has to spackle those holes first.’
    • ‘We can move a thousand people over a weekend if we don't have to paint and spackle.’


1920s perhaps a blend of sparkle and German Spachtel ‘putty knife, mastic’.