Definition of spadeful in English:


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nounplural noun spadefuls

See spade

‘Choose an open, sunny spot with a moisture-retentive, well-drained soil and dig over the earth to remove all weeds before adding a few spadefuls of organic matter.’
  • ‘Short removes two spadefuls of sand and black, viscous oil slowly begins to fill the new pit.’
  • ‘This hypothesis crumbled at the first spadeful below the topsoil.’
  • ‘And they cannot put more than one spadeful of rubbish in each bag as it may tear.’
  • ‘You'll use much less soil if you find a way to keep the soil where you want it rather than having each spadeful cascade all over the place.’



/ˈspādˌfo͝ol/ /ˈspeɪdˌfʊl/