Definition of spadix in English:


nounplural noun spadices/-dəsēz/

  • 1Botany
    A spike of minute flowers closely arranged around a fleshy axis and typically enclosed in a spathe, characteristic of the arums.

    ‘The fruit is composed of a mass of berries on a spadix, the fleshy central spike first seen in the flower.’
    • ‘The flower head consists of a spathe and spadix.’
    • ‘The perfect bloom was not expected because visitors had hurled stones at the flower, bruising the spadix.’
    • ‘In the male zone, the mature spadix is lined with longitudinal resiniferous canals located at the base of the stamens.’
  • 2Zoology
    (in certain invertebrates) a part or organ which is more or less conical in shape, e.g. a group of connected tentacles in a nautiloid.



/ˈspādiks/ /ˈspeɪdɪks/


Mid 18th century via Latin from Greek, literally ‘palm branch’.