Definition of sparticle in English:



  • A hypothetical subatomic particle predicted by supersymmetry, which is the boson equivalent of a known fermion.

    ‘every baryonic particle should have a supersymmetric twin: a sparticle’
    • ‘Top among all of these theories was always supersymmetry, the idea that every known elementary particle has one or more heavier partners, known as sparticles.’
    • ‘The reason physicists haven't yet observed sparticles might be because they are so much heavier than their normal sister particles, so they decay far too quickly.’
    • ‘"These are called sparticles - super particles - which make up, we think, dark matter, which in turn makes up 10 times more matter than ordinary matter."’
    • ‘Should these "sparticles" exist, perhaps they might explain the existence of dark matter that we know pervades the entire Universe, but have little idea what it is.’


1990s from s, representing superpartner, + particle.