Definition of spavin in English:



  • Synovitis or osteoarthritis in the hock joint of a horse.

    ‘Among all the sports medicine problems faced by the horse, bone spavin is probably the most common.’
    • ‘Although bone spavin usually causes lameness, this may be obscured if the lesions are bilateral.’
    • ‘Bone spavin is arthritis between the little joints in the hocks, which don't have much movement anyways.’
    • ‘Like osteoarthritis in people, the cause of spavin is not very well understood.’
    • ‘Bog spavins can be large and highly visible, and make horse-owners very nervous, but they're just lumps - not lamenesses.’



/ˈspavən/ /ˈspævən/


Late Middle English shortening of Old French espavin, variant of esparvain, of Germanic origin.