Definition of speak (or talk) out of turn in English:

speak (or talk) out of turn


  • Speak in a tactless way.

    ‘she was the first to take umbrage if they spoke out of turn’
    • ‘They don't want anyone talking out of turn.’
    • ‘However, we are not talking out of turn when, with respect, we congratulate Margaret Lawson on the 25 letters she had printed.’
    • ‘He might have been just talking out of turn, but tonight might be interesting.’
    • ‘They may talk out of turn.’
    • ‘I was angry and probably spoke out of turn.’
    • ‘He spoke out of turn to the ref and was sin-binned.’
    • ‘I don't think I am speaking out of turn by saying that I had words with the manager.’
    • ‘If the person had been speaking out of turn and was prosecuted for that, the matter would be very different.’
    • ‘Was it because she couldn't stomach being criticised for speaking out of turn on a delicate subject?’
    • ‘There is the fear of speaking out of turn.’