Definition of special drawing rights in English:

special drawing rights

plural noun

(also SDR)
  • A form of international money, created by the International Monetary Fund, and defined as a weighted average of various convertible currencies.

    ‘He gives pride of place to a proposal to expand the existing system of International Monetary Fund special drawing rights.’
    • ‘The second proposal recommends a new allocation of special drawing rights.’
    • ‘Twenty-five percent of each country's quota is paid in the form of special drawing rights.’
    • ‘Gold reserves and special drawing rights remained static at $4.191 billion and $2 million respectively.’
    • ‘Gold reserves and special drawing rights were static at $3,720 million and $4 million.’
    • ‘The new precautionary agreement is expected to be for 100 million special drawing rights.’


special drawing rights

/ˌspeSHəl ˈdroiNG ˌrīts/ /ˌspɛʃəl ˈdrɔɪŋ ˌraɪts/