Definition of speech-impaired in English:



  • Having a condition that makes it difficult to produce speech sounds correctly.

    ‘the student was severely speech-impaired’
    • ‘Some speech-impaired people benefit by using the same kind of text telephones used by hearing-impaired people.’
    • ‘The service was introduced in April 2006 to make the reporting of incidents easier for people who are hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired.’
    • ‘A group of speech-impaired actors proves that silence is no barrier to expression.’
    • ‘The audience was mostly hearing- and speech-impaired, save a few interpreters.’
    • ‘Unlike most people, however, he is profoundly deaf and speech-impaired, which might make his absolute insistence on meeting people in person slightly intriguing, but hardly out of character.’
    • ‘Dyslexic, stuttering and speech-impaired persons participate as equal citizens in this cyber-world.’
    • ‘The United Kingdom's Kent police department offers a service for deaf and speech-impaired people to contact authorities via text message.’
    • ‘This interpretation service includes claimants who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech-impaired, or do not speak English.’



/ˌspēCHimˈperd/ /ˌspitʃɪmˈpɛrd/