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  • An increase in speed, especially in a person's or machine's rate of working.

    ‘In part, this reflects the shift toward part-time work and speed-ups.’
    • ‘We would hope that there is a significant speed-up.’
    • ‘The recent speed-up in reconstruction work is in part due to a change in tactics.’
    • ‘Families are demanding a speed-up of their application to designate land near their homes as a village green instead of a children's home.’
    • ‘Over the last decade and a half, coal companies have slashed their workforces, overturned protective work practices and imposed speed-ups in order to cut costs and maximise profits.’
    • ‘The walkout comes only two months after union officials and management pushed through a new workplace agreement that cut jobs and introduced productivity speed-ups.’
    • ‘Its latest actions are a signal that as the job cuts deepen it will victimise workers to drive them out and intimidate others into accepting job losses and productivity speed-ups.’
    • ‘This, in turn, however, led to fatigue, production speed-ups, repetitive motion injuries, and labor deskilling.’
    • ‘This ability to attract international investment was predicated on the destruction of tens of thousands of jobs, massive cuts in wages and constant speed-ups.’
    • ‘The downsizing is being accompanied by speed-ups, extended working hours and excessive workloads - a situation presided over by the unions.’
    • ‘If the strike goes ahead it will focus the feeling over speed-ups, harder working, the threat of up to 40,000 postal job losses and intensified privatisation.’
    • ‘Mass job losses, the abolition of the second delivery, speed-ups for the workforce and allowing quality standards to deteriorate have returned a big profit.’
    • ‘But it is still a heavy blow and will mean speed-ups and a worse service.’
    • ‘Phoenix are now heavily dependent on the unions to deliver further cutbacks and speed-ups.’
    • ‘The process of state formation lagged far behind in comparison with the speed-up of economic development that took place in peat mining.’
    • ‘The wall, as if they were watching a speed-up of a wilting flower, shrivelled up and disappeared into the ground.’
    • ‘He also requested a speed-up of the zoning process in Pattaya.’
    • ‘The goal should be to build movements that can address some of the weaknesses of current living-wage laws, including non-compliance and the potential for speed-up or job loss.’
    • ‘Environmental opposition mainly concerned with noise and vibration is also gathering strength, and is likely to prevent significant speed-up of existing lines.’
    • ‘The result is, the company claims, about a 50-times speed-up in query processing.’



/ˈspēd ˌəp/ /ˈspid ˌəp/