Definition of speed bump in English:

speed bump

(also speed hump)


  • A ridge set at intervals in a road surface to control the speed of vehicles.

    • ‘He said that after telling the boy to ‘clear off’ he had slipped on a speed hump in the road and that the fall had caused his injuries.’
    • ‘Jeffrey clapped his hand over his mouth as the taxis rumbled over a speed bump.’
    • ‘The teenager added that Hall then threw him into the middle of the road, where he hit his left shoulder on a speed hump and banged his head.’
    • ‘But even people who always drive in the passing lane occasionally hit a speed bump.’
    • ‘At this point, Hall said the boy stepped into the road, which had not been gritted and was covered with ice, and slipped on a speed hump, causing him to fall on to the hard surface.’
    • ‘But the committee said a speed hump planned for Stratford Avenue must still be introduced, despite a complaint from one resident.’
    • ‘It had then hit a speed bump, causing the driver to lose control.’
    • ‘But it will create a rat run along Queen's Road and Broadleas Road and just one speed hump in each would make a difference.’
    • ‘Obviously, it would have made more sense putting the speed bump where the crossing is, as is the case at the Health Centre, rather than a few yards further away.’
    • ‘But council officers have recommended that committee members keep the structure, saying removing it would mean putting an extra speed hump in the village's 20 mph zone.’
    • ‘Mr Westmoreland said: ‘If this is built a speed hump will be right outside my front window.’’
    • ‘Some think it's fun to whizz over the speed hump and see how fast they can take off.’
    • ‘When the council planted a large speed hump outside my gate, I did not complain.’
    • ‘They could remove three rows of cobbles and install a speed bump in its place.’
    • ‘They do slow down for the speed bump but they accelerate after.’
    • ‘The taxi gave a light jolt as it went over a speed bump and this broke through his rather distressing thoughts.’
    • ‘Slowing as she went over the speed bump, Amber pulled up to the stop sign and drove onto the road without looking for the other cars as she was taught.’
    • ‘There was a pause, interrupted only when Brent hit a speed bump at forty-five and Terry smeared hair gel all over his nose.’
    • ‘The speed bump, which was put into place this summer, was damaged beyond repair and subsequently removed altogether.’
    • ‘Retired policeman Paul Wright says his house shakes and ornaments rattle when First York buses go over a speed bump outside his Haxby bungalow.’


speed bump

/ˈspiːd bʌmp/