Definition of spelling bee in English:

spelling bee


  • A spelling competition.

    • ‘I have awards, medals, and trophies from spelling bees and math competitions.’
    • ‘I was competing in a spelling bee and doing pretty well.’
    • ‘She had won two or three county spelling bees, I had won three county public speech contests.’
    • ‘I think that the spelling bee itself is probably more competitive, although the word lists aren't any harder.’
    • ‘Some days it was a geography or a spelling bee, other days a math competition.’
    • ‘Since spelling bees and academic challenges may also cause poor performers to be ridiculed, they are also being canceled.’
    • ‘What else could be the explanation for my obsession with spelling bees?’
    • ‘The idea is based on the spelling bees in America, in which youngsters are given words to spell out loud in a knock-out contest.’
    • ‘Some school officials fear this policy may soon lead to a ban on spelling bees and hanging good work in hallways.’
    • ‘We were having a class spelling bee, and it was my turn.’
    • ‘He gained fame in his youth when he went to the regional spelling bee.’
    • ‘In addition, there will be a celebrity spelling bee and live entertainment.’
    • ‘It also means being honestly thrilled for her when she wins the school spelling bee.’
    • ‘One of these clubs was the Linguistics Student Union, which organised a spelling bee.’
    • ‘Does anyone really need to know about a spelling bee I attended in the third grade?’
    • ‘I was winning science fairs left and right, getting my picture in the paper for spelling bees and peewee football games, and many more little achievements of mine.’
    • ‘He and Sammy have been cheating their whole academic careers, on everything from second grade spelling bees to senior chemistry tests.’
    • ‘To him, that meant school lunch and recess and spelling bees.’
    • ‘Unlike swimming lessons or spelling bees, the role of music lessons in our lives seems to haunt us for years afterwards.’
    • ‘Your sister had her spelling bee this weekend.’


spelling bee