Definition of spelunking in English:


Pronunciation /spəˈləNGkiNG/ /spəˈləŋkɪŋ/

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North American
  • The exploration of caves, especially as a hobby.

    ‘Neil spoke of the virginal spelunking in the mountains’
    • ‘a spelunking tour at Luray Caverns’
    • ‘With lots of grutas or caves, spelunking and cave exploration is also possible in the Yucatan, though is not well developed yet for tourism.’
    • ‘Although Birmans are a placid, gentle race whose serenity rivals that of the Dalai Lama, they are as capable as the next cat of pulling the occasional caper - wind surfing or spelunking for example.’
    • ‘Outdoor activities such as kayaking, spelunking and extreme sports have also become popular escapes from the fast pace of modern life.’
    • ‘And if he knows all about those coal mines, maybe he can take you spelunking!’
    • ‘He also thought, ‘Why not do this on my own and have more time for spelunking?’’


1940s from obsolete spelunk ‘cave’ (from Latin spelunca) + -ing.