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  • A person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.

    ‘Putt was a spendthrift and a heavy gambler’
    • ‘a spendthrift uncle’
    • ‘Working for a multinational and being the spendthrift that he is, he doesn't have the money to buy a laptop for himself, at least not a brand new laptop.’
    • ‘Don't go down in history as a spendthrift, who threw away the country's wealth and squandered the opportunity to truly develop our nation.’
    • ‘If you are a spendthrift before retiring you will be a spendthrift during retirement.’
    • ‘Today's gleaners are a disparate bunch: artists and activists, spendthrifts and street kids.’
    • ‘Suddenly I could appreciate the position of all those slinking spendthrifts I had rented from over the years.’
    • ‘We seem to have become a nation of late bookers and seat-of-our-pants spendthrifts, incapable even of saving for our own pensions.’
    • ‘To give such serial spendthrifts the power of the Inland Revenue, to tax residents on the basis of their incomes, would be a dangerous move.’
    • ‘This is a president who's the biggest spendthrift that I've seen since I've been paying attention in politics.’
    • ‘In 1942, he already had a reputation as a spendthrift and a playboy, misbehaving in Brazil and frittering away the budget for another unfinished film.’
    • ‘And only the rich and the spendthrift could afford to sleep here - or so I had thought.’
    • ‘You see, by taking the trust fund surplus - almost $151 billion in the last fiscal year - away from those wanton spendthrifts in Congress, the administration will enforce that discipline.’
    • ‘Get tough with Republican spendthrifts in Congress by trimming the pork in spending bills for highways, energy, and agriculture while reminding them of core conservative fiscal principles.’
    • ‘When it comes to shopping, separate yourself from the spendthrifts in your life because the high they get from spending can be infectious and dangerous to your financial health.’
    • ‘Natural selection designed us to be spendthrifts.’
    • ‘Now that I've isolated the spendthrifts, please understand that I'm not making an argument for this record's kitsch value.’
    • ‘They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society.’
    • ‘And the Air Force career they later had didn't exactly allow them to become spendthrifts.’
    • ‘Recovering alcoholics shouldn't frequent bars nor should spendthrifts frequent mails.’
    • ‘A prize draw aimed at compulsive spendthrifts has been run by a Chilean bank.’
    • ‘This makes them positive spendthrifts in a country where the average price of a bottle of wine is still under £4.’
    profligate, prodigal, squanderer, waster
    profligate, improvident, thriftless, wasteful, extravagant, free-spending, prodigal, squandering
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/ˈspen(d)ˌTHrift/ /ˈspɛn(d)ˌθrɪft/