Definition of Spenserian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the English poet Edmund Spenser or his works.

    ‘a prose romance of Spenserian allegory’
    • ‘The form is known as the Spenserian stanza, a specific form.’
    • ‘This essay shows how feminist readings have given us a renewed interest in the Spenserian imagination.’
    • ‘First performed and published in 1592, "The Spanish Tragedy" represents the theatrical translation of the Spenserian world view.’
    • ‘The penultimate stanza is the only stanza that uses the Spenserian hexameter for its last line.’
    • ‘His Spenserian translation of the Odyssey and the first half of the Iliad was a unique achievement.’


  • An admirer, imitator, or student of the English poet Edmund Spenser or his works.

    ‘a small group of eighteenth-century Irish Spenserians’
    • ‘It is a severe comment on the insularity of Spenserian scholarship that hitherto no Spenserian has recognized the portrait of Dee.’
    • ‘Fletcher and his fellow Spenserians broke ground that was expanded most memorably by later authors.’
    • ‘It's been said that if Milton had died at the end of his first poetic period, he'd be remembered for his early poems as one of the great Spenserians after Shakespeare.’
    • ‘English Spenserians used pastoral poetry as a vehicle to express their discontent with Jacobean and Caroline court practices and ecclesiastical innovations.’
    • ‘The Elizabethan Spenserians admired the romantic quality of Spenser.’