Definition of spermatid in English:



  • An immature male sex cell formed from a spermatocyte that can develop into a spermatozoon without further division.

    ‘These haploid cells - now called spermatids - thus contain 23 single half chromosomes.’
    • ‘Rates of protein evolution were fastest for genes expressed during the dramatic morphogenesis of round spermatids into spermatozoa.’
    • ‘Spermatocytes, the progenitors of spermatids, are biosynthetically active cells, producing all the components that will be needed in the mature spermatozoa.’
    • ‘The hypothesis was confirmed in experiments using phase-contrast microscopy, which showed the presence of individualized spermatids in the mutant testes.’
    • ‘Three trained observers reviewed each stallion's histology slides by quantifying the number of spermatids within 25 cross-sectioned round seminiferous tubules.’



/ˈspərməˌtid/ /ˈspərməˌtɪd/