Definition of sphenoidal in English:




See sphenoid

‘Branches of the nasal nerve have been described passing to the frontal, ethmoidal, and sphenoidal sinuses.’
  • ‘The middle meningeal gives rise, in about 50% of cases, to an accessory meningeal artery, which also enters the skull via the foramen ovale, or the emissary sphenoidal foramen.’
  • ‘The ophthalmic artery may be associated with the development of a branch of the lacrimal artery that passes through the sphenoidal fissure to anastomose with the middle meningeal artery.’
  • ‘Faint, anteriorly convergent ridges extend from the sphenoidal bridge and define the shallow basisphenoid fossa.’
  • ‘The sphenoidal bridge is broad anteriorly, constricted posteriorly.’



/sfēˈnoidl/ /sfiˈnɔɪdl/