Definition of spherical angle in English:

spherical angle


  • An angle formed by the intersection of two great circles of a sphere.

    ‘With a protractor and a little practise it is possible to measure spherical angles pretty accurately.’
    • ‘The angle between two lines corresponds to the spherical angles of the corresponding great circles.’
    • ‘The table below shows how much or little the spherical angles between planets are in my horoscope.’
    • ‘The epoch of the coordinates represents the date to which the spherical angles are reduced.’
    • ‘For a spherical angle of 180°, the lune becomes half of a sphere or a hemisphere.’
    • ‘In this paper we formulate a set of necessary and sufficient conditions on the spherical angles of the spherical triangles for them to form a spherical triangulation.’
    • ‘A system adapted for coupling to an optical conduit provides an input or output port for the transmission of radiant energy to or from the conduit over a spherical angle greater than a hemisphere.’
    • ‘The local hour angle is the spherical angle between the observer's meridian and the body's meridian, drawn here at the elevated pole.’
    • ‘We then define solid angles, 1 and 2, in terms of the plane angle components in exact analogy to spherical angles defined in terms of line components.’
    • ‘The coordinates in the projection of an arbitrary triangle are determined by the ratios between spherical angles.’
    • ‘It is common practice to record the light intensity at a large number of spherical angles from a specific luminaire (photometric data set) onto magnetic media, such as a computer disk.’
    • ‘Here's the code to convert mouse coordinates to spherical angles.’


spherical angle

/ˈsfi(ə)rəkəl/ /ˈsfɪ(ə)rəkəl/ /ˈsferəkəl ˈaNGɡəl/ /ˈsfɛrəkəl ˈæŋɡəl/