Definition of sphingomyelin in English:



  • A substance which occurs widely in brain and nervous tissue, consisting of complex phosphoryl derivatives of sphingosine and choline.

    ‘In this study, we have examined how the headgroup size and properties affect the membrane properties of sphingomyelin and interactions with cholesterol.’
    • ‘Cholesterol and sphingomyelin are thought to be the principal components of lipid rafts in cell and model membranes.’
    • ‘In contrast, choline is essentially derived from the circulation, and only negligible amounts are incorporated into other lipids, such as sphingomyelin.’
    • ‘In many cases, properties attributed to sphingomyelins may simply be due to chain length and unsaturation.’
    • ‘The most important sphingolipids are sphingomyelins.’



/ˌsfiNGɡōˈmīələn/ /ˌsfɪŋɡoʊˈmaɪələn/