Definition of spider flower in English:

spider flower


  • A plant with clusters of flowers that have long protruding stamens or styles.

    a South American plant (genus Cleome, family Capparidaceae, in particular C. hassleriana)
    an Australian grevillea

    ‘If you grow plants that are notorious self-seeders, such as spider flower, removing the mulch at the end of the season will help to clear away most of the seeds as well.’
    • ‘Cleome, or spider flower, another reseeding annual, will give a bed height with its white, pink/purple blooms.’
    • ‘The images of the other four spider flowers were taken in the Lane Cove National Park in Sydney.’
    • ‘Cleome is known as the spider flower, and blooms in white or shades of pink or purple.’
    • ‘Native to South America, spider flower is a fast-growing annual that typically rises to 3-6’ tall on rigid stems.’


spider flower

/ˈspīdər ˈflou(ə)r/ /ˈspaɪdər ˈflaʊ(ə)r/