Definition of spiderwort in English:



  • An American plant whose flowers bear long hairy stamens.

    Genus Tradescantia, family Commelinaceae: several species, including the blue-flowered North American T. virginiana, from which many cultivars have been derived

    ‘When summer-flowering perennials such as bellflowers, geraniums, lychnis, Shasta daisies, and spiderworts finish blooming and start to look tattered, cut back their stems to the rosette of new foliage at the base of the plants.’
    • ‘Spring-blooming wildflowers are the broad-leaved spiderwort, downy yellow violet, and hairy phlox.’
    • ‘Tropical spiderwort, inconsequential for seven decades, has recently spread in alarming proportions in fields in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.’
    • ‘Many evergreen ornamental foliage plants and flowering plants, including ivy, aloe, ceriman and spiderwort, have special effects to decompose formaldehyde.’
    • ‘In the few places where sunlight had good purchase, patches of spiderwort crowned with their blue flowers carpeted the ground.’



/ˈspīdərˌwərt/ /ˈspaɪdərˌwərt/ /ˈspīdərˌwôrt/ /ˈspaɪdərˌwɔrt/